Samantha Aragon

Dental Assistant

Samantha graduated from Dental Assisting school in 2015 and joined our office in 2016, where her dynamic and frequently sarcastic personality fit seamlessly into our team. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Samantha, you’ll love her when you do. She has an uncanny ability to put our patients at ease and get them talking about their lives. Samantha started in our office as the ever-important Hygiene Assistant, but after nagging him for a couple of years, she became one of Dr. Shepherd’s personal dental assistants, and has quickly proven to be an excellent addition to that part of the team. In the course of any given day, she may see a dozen patients, assisting with everything from crowns and bridges to implants and gum tissue surgeries, caring for sedated patients, taking x-rays, doing exams and even making impressions for dentures! The best part? She always does it with a smile and a good sense of humor. When she isn’t multi-tasking at work, she’s multi-tasking at home, running in circles with her little boy, Daniel Jr. Samantha and Daniel Sr. have been married since 2014. Together they love spending time outdoors and with their family.