An Anxiety-Free Dental Experience

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If you are like a lot of Americans, the very thought of visiting the dentist is enough to make you break out into a sweat. Few people look forward to the experience. But if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, your fears may actually prevent you from getting the care you need.

When you avoid taking care of dental issues early on, they don’t magically go away. They get worse. Which means when you are finally forced to visit the dentist, you will require more extensive and invasive treatments. And so the cycle of fear continues.

Let’s stop it, right now.

At Uptown Dental Associates, you will discover a whole new type of dental experience. One that’s soothing, luxurious (yet affordable!), and not at all frightening. And for the most anxiety-stricken patients, we offer three levels of sedation to calm nerves.

If you live in the Albuquerque, NM area and have been putting off your checkups out of dental anxiety or any other reason, we want you to pick up the phone and call Uptown Dental Associates at 505-407-8781.


Our Office Is Easy on the Eyes

When you walk into our office, exquisitely decorated in calming tones of blue and brown, you may think you’ve wandered into an upscale boutique hotel lobby, or perhaps a spa. Relax in one of our comfortable upholstered chairs or couches. But before you sit down, don’t forget to help yourself to a complimentary beverage from our Keurig machine. We even have cookies baked with love by Dr. Shepherd’s mom!

What better way to take your mind off your mouth than a stunning view? In most of our examination rooms, you will face oversized windows overlooking our sunny courtyard and colorfully tiled Spanish colonial fountain.


Amenities to Make You Comfortable

At Uptown Dental Associates, we strive to make you feel calm and at ease through your entire appointment. It starts with our staff, all of whom are professional, knowledgeable, and skilled both in clinical procedures and patient care. We also offer a number of amenities to make sure you are comfortable during your examination or procedure.

  • Warm blankets
  • Soft pillows
  • Headphones with soothing music
  • We are happy to schedule you for a longer-than-usual visit so you don’t feel rushed
  • Did we mention the view?


Technology Benefits Patients

When it comes to dentistry, technology is absolutely a good thing — for quality of care and patient comfort. In fact, many fears about dentistry are likely rooted in negative experiences dating from years ago. Today’s dentistry is far more comfortable, less invasive, and better in terms of results.

We believe in investing in advanced technology that enables us to give our patients a superior experience.

At Uptown Dental Care, we’ve adopted digital X-rays because they provide far sharper and more detailed images than traditional X-rays, and while doing so expose you to a fraction of the radiation.

Our NV Pro 3 dental laser allows for accurate and virtually pain-free gum reshaping.

Dr. Shepherd is the only dentist in the state of New Mexico who is certified in the groundbreaking Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. This revolutionary process enables him to treat gum recession without grafts and without invasive scalpel surgery. The procedure is faster, more comfortable, and heals much more quickly than traditional gum grafts.


Sedation Will Take the Edge Off

If you suffer from severe dental anxiety or phobia, a great view or music may not be enough to soothe your nerves. So at Uptown Dental Care, we offer three levels of dental sedation to anyone who feels they need that little something extra.

Nitrous oxide is the first level. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a gas that, mixed with oxygen, you inhale through a mask placed over your face. It is completely safe, including for children, and will put you into a totally relaxed state.

Oral conscious sedation is a prescription pill that we will tell you to take at a certain time before your appointment. By the time you arrive at the office, you will be calm and ready to undergo your procedure. You will need a person to take you to and from the office, as you will not be able to drive.

IV sedation is the strongest form we offer. You will be able to answer questions during your visit, but will likely not remember anything after the fact. As with oral conscious sedation, you will need to have someone drive you.


To book an appointment at Uptown Dental Care, call our Albuquerque, NM office at 505-407-8781. Or simply fill out our web form and we will get back to you.