Can I Get Clear Teeth Aligners? (Quiz)

Everyone likes the idea of a beautifully straight smile, but not everyone likes the idea of spending months wearing metal braces. If you’re in the latter camp, clear teeth aligners may be a great smile solution for you!

At Uptown Dental Associates, our Albuquerque, NM dentists are happy to talk to you about Invisalign. The clear plastic aligners are practically invisible, so no one has to know you’re straightening your teeth! The aligners are removable too, so you won’t have to avoid foods for fear of them getting caught in braces. You can even make Invisalign part of a total smile makeover!

Take this quiz to see if you’re a candidate for clear teeth aligners, then call us at 505-407-8781 to schedule an Invisalign consultation with one of our dentists.