Relax Away Your Dental Anxiety

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Do you find yourself getting anxious if you even think about going to the dentist? Do you worry about pain, something going wrong, the whir of the drill, or just hate having someone’s hands in your mouth?

If so, you are far from alone. Dental anxiety — and its more severe cousin, dental phobia — are extremely widespread. As many as 9% to 15% of Americans have actually avoided getting necessary dental care work due to their fears.

This, of course, is a big problem. Because when you skip necessary preventive care, issues will inevitably crop up. And if you ignore those issues, they will not go away. They will just get worse. So when pain finally forces you into the dentist’s chair, the procedures you require will be more invasive, more uncomfortable, and more expensive than if you had maintained your oral health with regular cleanings and exams.

If you fear the dentist, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind is to keep your smile healthy with regular checkups. At Uptown Dental Associates, we understand dental anxiety deeply, and we have built a practice designed to put all of our patients at ease.

From our soothing environment to our warm staff to our comfort amenities to our three levels of dental sedation, we have thought through every detail.

To request an appointment with Dr. Shepherd or Dr. Rasmussen of Uptown Dental Associates, call our Albuquerque, NM office at 505-407-8781.


An Inviting Space

When you arrive for your appointment at Uptown Dental Associates, the first thing you will notice is our beautifully decorated office. The waiting room looks like an exceptionally spacious and tasteful living room, with upholstered furniture, dark hardwood floors, a fireplace, high beamed ceilings, enormous windows, and a fantastic view of our Spanish-Colonial-style courtyard. You get the same view from most of our bright and uplifting care rooms.


People Who Care

When it comes to making you feel good about visiting the dentist or any sort of professional, the people you interact with matter. You want someone who smiles and is welcoming and friendly. You want someone who is professional and confident in his or her expertise without being cocky. You want someone who is patient and willing to thoroughly explain procedures to you in terms that you understand. You want someone who is happy to answer all of your questions.

Those are the people we hire at Uptown Dental Associates. All of our staff members are experts at what they do, have a friendly, patient-focused attitude, and understand the seriousness of dental anxiety. They are skilled people people who know how to comfort nervous patients and put their fears to rest.


Amenities to Make You Comfortable

At most dental offices, after waiting in a serviceable but sparsely decorated reception area, you get called back to a cold, clinical-feeling exam room. You recline in the dental chair with just a paper bib and the hygienist gets to work. There’s no thought to patient comfort, there’s no thought to calming whatever anxiety you may have. If you’re lucky, you’ll be sent home with a toothbrush and a toothpaste sample.

At Uptown Dental Associates, your experience will be totally different. Our goal is to combine top-notch clinical care with a pleasant experience, and we believe we deliver.

  • A stunning view of our courtyard and fountain will bring down your blood pressure.
  • Soft pillows and warm blankets keep you nice and cozy in the chair.
  • Escape to a calming place with headphones and music.
  • We offer longer appointments upon request, so you won’t feel rushed out the door.
  • Enjoy a coffee from our Keurig machine or a home-baked chocolate chip cookie!


Dental Sedation for Stress-Free Dentistry

Sometimes, headphones and a great view just aren’t enough. That’s why we offer three levels of dental sedation to eliminate your anxiety.

  • Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the lightest form. This is administered through a small mask over the nose and wears off quickly. You will be able to drive yourself home.
  • Oral conscious sedation comes in the form of a pill you take before your visit. You will need a ride to our office and have someone drive you home.
  • IV sedation is the strongest form of sedation we offer. It will erase all of your fears, but you will need a ride home.


If you’d like to experience dentistry without dental anxiety in Albuquerque, NM, get in touch with Uptown Dental Associates. You may call our office at 505-407-8781 or request an appointment through our online form.