Get Your Gums Back Where They Belong

Healthy gums closely surround your teeth, helping to prevent infection, stabilizing teeth, and give your smile the right balance of teeth and gums. Gum tissue can recede for a number of reasons, potentially exposing the tooth roots. If you have receding gums and thought there was nothing that could be done about it, read on. Uptown Dental ...

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Safeguard Your Health With Gum Recession Treatment

Nobody likes to talk about receding gums, but it’s a condition affects roughly half of Americans. By one estimate, at least 50 percent of the population has one or more sites in their mouths where the gumline has receded by at least one millimeter. That may not sound like much, but once gum recession has begun, it can continue. And that’s ...

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You Don’t Have To Live With Receding Gums

Everybody would love to have a beautiful smile. But a beautiful smile needs more than white teeth. A great smile also requires the right balance of teeth and gums, among other things. Gum recession disrupts that balance and makes your smile less attractive. The effects don’t stop there, however. Gums that have receded to the point where the ...

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