Becky P.

Literally, I could not open my mouth wide to open it to eat, like an apple, a muffin, chewing salads, fresh, crunchy … Steak and pork chops are very hard to chew and I couldn’t do any of that because I could not open it and it hurt. Giving me the Botox, it’s just 100% difference for me. I just can’t explain what my life was like before and after with this procedure. I think that’s the best thing ever. When I was in my early 20s, I had trouble and they gave me a cortisone shot in my jaw back then. I think I had three injections every four to six months and I didn’t have one this last six-month checkup and it’s doing fine. He had said sometimes Botox will work one time. Sometimes you have to have a few of them. It seems like that’s what it took was a few injections, but boy, it’s so worth it.

If you need a dentist who is friendly, who makes you very calm, he’s very assured about himself and what he can do and the cautions he gives you, I would say that Dr. Shepard is for you. He treats my daughter, my 94-year-old father and me. We’re all just very happy.