Christina S.

My children see the same hygienist each time and that’s wonderful because they get to know this hygienist and they trust her and they feel comfortable with her, particularly with my daughter, who had some sensory issues with her mouth. She was very uncomfortable with certain procedures and the hygienist always was encouraging and tried to do things with her, but never pushed her beyond her limits and made her very comfortable to the point where now she’s very happy to come to the dentist and have her procedures done.

The first time our children came here, they were introduced to the dentist’s office. They met all of the people and they explored the facility, the chairs, the tools that they use. Then they would ride up and down in the chair and get comfortable with just being there. They allowed the children to touch the tools, to put them in their mouth, to take them out, to look at them so that when they started the procedures, they weren’t scary to them. They have a prize box at the end of each appointment, so the kids really look forward to getting these little toys. Usually they’re just little things that they can do right then and little parachute men. They’re really happy to always come.

I’ve recommended several friends to come to Uptown Dental because it’s a practice that I trust. They have always supported my decisions with my dental care and I have felt that I’m valued as a person as well as a client.