Corey N.

I ended up needing a bridge because I had two teeth that had had fillings and the fillings were no longer any good and I had the other tooth that needed to be repaired and so, we just decided the bridge was the most economical method to manage the issues that were going on in my mouth at the time.
Getting my bridge was really a relatively easy process. I came in, I got an impression, they gave me temporary then I came back and got my permanent. It was pretty simple.

Since I got my permanent bridge it’s been wonderful. I haven’t had any problems at all to speak of. I don’t even get food impacted or anything. It’s very easy to care for any everything.

I really feel very comfortable coming to Uptown Dental. Everyone’s very friendly, very comforting and it never makes me nervous or anxious to come into the dentist. They’re wonderful, they’re open, they’re kind, it’s a very comfortable atmosphere and it’s a lovely office.