Dana S.

I had crowns before, and I never liked the color. I never was happy with them. So, when I started coming here to get my teeth cleaned, I had Dr Shepherd look at them, and he said, “Oh yeah. I can fix that. I can make that look so much better.” So, he did that for me, and he replaced my crowns, and that’s when he suggested that I get my gum work done, and my crown lengthening.

I was so happy with the process. I feel a lot better about myself. I’ve had some pictures done before, and my smile, I never really was happy with it, and now I am very happy with it. It’s just having somebody that you trust, you have confidence in, that you want to come to, and you know whatever he’s going to say is going to be a good recommendation. So, I would just say, you need to come to Dr Shepherd.