Jay H.

I think one of the first times I came to have my root canal done, of course I was very anxious. You hear it’s painful, it’s this and that. I felt very, very nervous. But after being here for five minutes in the office, that kind of went away. They make you feel really less anxious. They explain a lot to you, what’s going to be done, and it helps you get more comfortable. A lot of times you go to the dentist and it’s very in and out, you don’t really get that personal feeling from them. It’s more like a business as opposed to, “Hey, Jay’s back, let’s kind of catch up,” and things like that. It’s that personal touch. You really will love going there. It’s such a one, awesome building, but the staff, I mean, you couldn’t find a better staff and dentist and everybody to make you feel comfortable and welcome and help ease that anxiety of having to go to a dentist.