Kellie G.

When I started coming here, I came because my last dentist had retired. I was really self-conscious about my smile, because I had root canals when I was a teenager, so they were old. They were black on the bottom. They didn’t meet the gum line. When I smiled, you could see black, and so I was really self-conscious about that because I talk a lot and I smile a lot. That was just something that bothered me. Then I had some other teeth that just were not as white as I wanted them to be and they weren’t as straight. I didn’t never have braces when I was younger. I always hoped for that better smile.

Dr. Shepherd was able to do Lumineers on all of my teeth and just change how I feel about myself and how it feels to smile around other people. It’s good. They don’t fade. They don’t break. They are just natural looking, and then they last. It was an easy process. I just took a week, made some impressions. Came back for the final to put them on and it was a new me. Felt great. I think that Dr. Shepherd is a fabulous dentist. The hygienist that I’ve had are all very gentle. They’re very thorough. They’re really good, and that they have so much to offer. The friends that I have had come, have had nothing but excellent things to say about him. What better feedback can you get?