Lauren N.

So when I first started seeing Doctor Shepherd I had problems with clenching and grinding at night and it was causing some discomfort and some jaw trauma, actually. He recommended a night guard, and at first I was a little bit nervous because it sounded like a big thing that I’d have to wear every night. He explained actually how it works and why it’s healthy. It turns out to be pretty comfortable and now I’m used to it.
I actually have less clicking and pain in my jaw, which is an improvement. I was scared I might have to have jaw surgery or something. Instead he let me know that the spacing that stays between my teeth at night helps keep some of that pressure off the joint. In the long run it’ll be a lot healthier.
Doctor Shepherd explains everything to you in a way that’s both approachable and thorough. Other dentists I’ve seen before kind of seemed like a little bit of man behind the curtain type thing. Doctor Shepherd lays it all out for you, and he seems to know his stuff. Can also communicate it, which is really cool.
It doesn’t feel like going to a normal dentist, it’s relaxing and enjoyable. Doctor Shepherd and his staff are so friendly and capable, and you feel like you’re in good hands the whole time.