Sara A.

As I’ve aged because it’s a genetic trait in my family, our teeth fall out. Just one day I wake up and my tooth’s loose. When there’s mobility in adult teeth, when they move back and forth it needs to come out because it’s not connected anymore. It broke my heart the first time he told me that I needed to have a tooth pulled and replaced. It made me cry, because it’s a real marker of a change in your body. I have a bridge that has a missing tooth in the middle, and an implant on either side. There will come a time at some point when I’ll have him take that bridge off and put an implant in the middle, because it’s like having your own teeth in. There’s not the same sense of loss.

I have to really give it a lot of thought, where my implant’s are. They’re just as natural as the ones that God gave me. Everybody always makes sure, not just before a procedure’s done but many times during a procedure, either the dentist, either Doctor Shepherd asks me, or whoever is assisting him. I can’t say it clearly enough, this is a place where patients are really cared for. I read his website once a long time ago when we started coming here to give him a review. I read the mission statement, and it’s true. It’s not just there because it’s good PR, they mean it.