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I truly am enamored with this entire care team, Dr. Shepherd, of course, being the lead. It just feels like they know you. They treat you like family here and it's the comforting and the follow up, everything along the way, every touch point from the time you make the appointment to the time you get a call back on how are you doing after the appointment, it's just second to none. What I really ...

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Jesus D.

Seventeen years ago I retired from the military. While I was in the military, some of my teeth started decaying. The military had an agreement to go ahead and repair them. As I retired, well they didn't have all the facilities in the Veterans Administration to be able to do orthodontic work along with gum work and then teeth work. So then they basically told me, "I'm sorry, we can't do it." So ...

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Joe A.

The first time I had a bridge done, I was in my 30s. I was very nervous. It was the first work I'd ever truly had done on my teeth other than cavities and cleanings. I felt like I could feel that tooth for a year. I probably couldn't, but I was just overly sensitive to it. The work they did here that Dr. Shepherd did for me was painless and seamless. Everything was perfect and to this day ... ...

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Julie T.

I love coming here because, first, it's a beautiful office. I walk in the door, and I feel like I'm on vacation almost. Dr. Shepherd is just so kind. He puts everybody at ease, and so it's just a very comfortable place to be. One unique thing is that Dr. Shepherd, I feel like, is really ... He pays attention to detail. He's kind of a perfectionist, I think, so I feel like anything that's going to ...

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