I truly am enamored with this entire care team, Dr. Shepherd, of course, being the lead. It just feels like they know you. They treat you like family here and it’s the comforting and the follow up, everything along the way, every touch point from the time you make the appointment to the time you get a call back on how are you doing after the appointment, it’s just second to none.
What I really like about it is that I know what’s happening inside my mouth every step of the way. They kind of give you a play by play. It’s like watching a sporting event except you’re getting your tooth done. I always know and at any point, I feel like I’m a partner in my own care because I get to raise my hand if I need them to stop or I need a break or a breath, and I haven’t always felt that way in other places. It’s just like, do as we tell you and don’t move. I get a little anxious when I have dental work done but as soon as we get started, that just all goes away here. It’s nice to feel like you’re a partner in your care and that they’re keeping you updated all along the way and it’s not with kind of dental mumbo jumbo. It’s really in layman’s terms that I understand what they’re doing, so that’s helpful.
If you want someone who’s going to treat you like the family member you love and like, this is the place for you. Their care is second to none and it’s total care, not just dental care. It’s caring for you as a person and always partnering with you in terms of establishing the best possible outcome.