Jesus D.

Seventeen years ago I retired from the military. While I was in the military, some of my teeth started decaying. The military had an agreement to go ahead and repair them. As I retired, well they didn’t have all the facilities in the Veterans Administration to be able to do orthodontic work along with gum work and then teeth work. So then they basically told me, “I’m sorry, we can’t do it.”
So anyway, so I tried four different doctors and three different orthodontics here in Albuquerque and everybody kept on telling me it was a really hard task to do. I believe that I owe it to Dr. Shepherd that he actually saved my teeth because I was getting ready to lose my teeth. So he actually got to my teeth in time and he saved my smile.
My daughter’s wedding is soon, is going to be in less than two months now. And then so I was really dreading it because I knew that there was no way that I would get my teeth by her wedding day. And I had actually visited an Orthodontist here locally in Albuquerque and he told me that it was going to take about five to six years to actually get my teeth done, so I was really devastated. But when I came to see Dr. Shepherd, it was amazing when he told me he could do it in six weeks. I was amazed. He kept his promise and he made it in six weeks.
There’s no hidden agendas with Dr. Shepherd. He is really a very good doctor and I had dealt with a lot of doctors in my seventeen years and then this has been the best experience that I’ve had with any dentist.