Julie T.

I love coming here because, first, it’s a beautiful office. I walk in the door, and I feel like I’m on vacation almost. Dr. Shepherd is just so kind. He puts everybody at ease, and so it’s just a very comfortable place to be. One unique thing is that Dr. Shepherd, I feel like, is really … He pays attention to detail. He’s kind of a perfectionist, I think, so I feel like anything that’s going to be done is going to be done well and be done right. In addition to that, I feel like they are on top of all of the latest technology. Any of the newest things that have come out, they are doing. I think a lot of people get really nervous coming to the dentist, understandably so.
There’s a lot of people who’ve had bad experiences at the dentist, and coming to Uptown Dental is a very different experience. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful when you come in. It’s comfortable and it’s almost fun to come here. I look forward to coming here when I have an appointment, and the attention to detail is phenomenal.